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Work, Project and Portfolio Management in the cloud

Project Online is a flexible cloud solution for Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and everyday work from Microsoft. Delivered through Office365, Project Online enables organizations to get started quickly with powerful project management capabilities to plan, prioritize, and manage projects and project portfolio investments-from almost anywhere on almost any device.

Implementing, optimizing and managing your PPM platform is a daunting task. Whether you use an on-premises MS Project Server platform, or Project Online, MAGUS can help ensure it’s operating at peak effectiveness. We’re PPM specialists with 15+ years of experience, and we would be happy to provide the technical, transformational and managed services you need to get the most out of your PPM platform investment.

We can help you setup, operate & maintain Corporate Project Office (CPO), Project Management Office (PMO) and Support Project Office (SPO) in accordance with popular standards such as CMMi, PMBOK, PRINCE, Agile, Six-Sigma, Stage Gate and TOC-CCPM.

We have strong capability on Power-BI. We can help create appealing Project and Portfolio performance dashboards (web-mobile) for PPM stakeholders.

Great intranet can create a better workplace

Our complete, intuitive intranet platform PIKU based on O365 helps you improve employee engagement, express your culture, and make communication happen. That’s what extraordinary workplaces are all about. Building blocks of My PIKU are:

My People : Great workplaces make it easy for everyone in your organization to find expertise. Delve profiles are a great source of people and work profiles.

My Social : PIKU through News, Recognition, Events, Photos and KPIs sections make it an engaging platform to bring your workplace purpose, values, and character to life. It helps to recognize contributions and celebrate success. Aim is to create a dynamic place where all your employees come to connect and participate

My Work : An effective digital workplace experience connects each employee to the people, information, and the applications they use every day. My work is a simple, yet powerful menu that enables employees to access important sites, documents, and links with one click from anywhere on your intranet.

Mobile : Easily connect all of your people, regardless of role or worksite. PIKU iOS and Android mobile apps deliver a full mobile intranet that’s seamless with desktop experience.

ONE Business, ONE Dashboard

With Power BI, you can experience a live, 360-degree view of your entire business in a single dashboard. Monitor your data in real-time from nearly any device across all major operating systems. Set up mobile alerts to your phone when your data changes, and share your reports and dashboards with ease.

Self-service Reporting: Being easy to use and quick to deploy, Power BI reduces your dependency on IT. It helps you rapidly see the data you need to see, so you can easily interpret and act on it. Drag and drop features let you go deeper with your data and explore it in new ways by asking simple questions. There’s no need to learn a new language with Power BI. In no time, you’ll be easily cleaning, shaping and modelling your data to create impactful and shareable reports.

We have developed content pack using Power BI for below scenarios:

• Portfolio Dashboard (Project Online)
• Project Dashboard (Project Online)
• Auto Dealer Insights
• Finance Planning, Analysis and Budgeting
• Broker Performance Management
• Sales & Inventory Analysis