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Plan Well, Live Well and Retire Well

Magus Wealth is a 100% employee-owned boutique wealth management firm that offers specialized services to high net worth families and individuals. We combine an intelligent, process-oriented investment approach with concierge-style service, with each advisor working with a limited number of clients.

We are experienced in helping people think through the issues, priorities and opportunities that affect them to create financial plans and investment portfolios which meet their personal and professional ambitions and aspirations. Some priorities could be:

Protecting your wealth
Life events
Investing your money
Pension & retirement
Passing on your wealth

We differentiate by using the latest technology platform to deliver real time data to our customers aggregated from different accounts from different custodians in one place and continuous education of our clients to keep them up-to-date with intelligent market analysis, timely economic insights and other useful educational seminars.

Besides markets we support a wide variety of alternate investment options to deliver the best possible for our customer in line with their life goals.

MANAK: Corporate Performance Management

Finance plays a strategic role in driving corporate performance. Manual budgeting and planning processes leads to static plans that lack buy-in, have inaccurate data, and quickly become outdated. With MANAK, you can achieve a dynamic planning process that is collaborative, comprehensive, and continuous to solve your most important FP&A challenges.

MANAK is highly customizable, meaningful FP&A solution developed on O365 platform using Excel-VBA-Power BI toolkit. It has functionality in support of Revenue Forecasting & Sales Planning, Workforce Planning & Budgeting, Expense Budgeting, Capital Assets Management and Profitability & Cash-flow Forecasting.

MANAK suite has four modules so you can seamlessly choose the tools you need, without taking on features you don’t want:

1. Reporting
2. Analysis
3. Planning
4. Visualization

MANAK empowers your team to shorten-close reconciliation activities, streamline planning, and analyse on demand for full impact acceleration, alignment and performance.

Block chain Centre of Excellence

We are in the process of setting up COE in support of block chain technologies. We have chosen to partner and work on R3 CORDA platform.

CORDA creates more efficient markets and reduces transaction, processing and reporting costs. The outcome is a frictionless business environment with simplified processes and systems. CORDA's assurance of record immutability and provenance creates an operating environment with less risk.

CORDA enables all of this using distributed ledger, or block chain, technology. The CORDA platform uses a shared smart contract to encapsulate the business logic of a transaction between organizations.

CORDA’s unique consensus architecture assures that all transactions are valid and can never conflict, the key to delivering the promise: “I know that what I see is what you see.” This is all achieved with cryptographic technologies that provide an immutable record on a shared ledger system whilst ensuring data is only received by those with a legitimate need to know – the strongest privacy assurance in the industry.

We are researching opportunities for using block chain in Finance, Supply chain, Trade finance, Insurance and Healthcare verticals.